Do’s & Don’t’s

Do’s Don’t
Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains  – If God made it, Eat it! – Avoid iodides in your diet including: salty snacks, fast foods, processed foods, MSG, soy sauce, seasoning salt, peanut butter. Limit: sugar, soda pop, white flour, dairy (milk)
Drink enough water every day, Take your body weight _____/2, then drink that number of ounces minimum per day. If you are working out drink more. Having enough water will help your skin to maintain the proper moisutre balance. Also, having enough water will help carry waste away from the body, and reduce te stress on the skin.
Take iodide free vitamin supplements. I like NatraBurst, for the Superfood Antioxidants and as a meal replacments. It is an astounding product and I swear by it! It is a cost effective way to meet your diet supplement needs.                                   If you would prefer to take these supplements individually hit your nearest health food store and grab: A multi vitamin (Solaray Once a Day) focusing on vitamins A,B,C,D,F, and especially zinc. Use probiotic. I suggest: Renew Life: Ultimate flora-Super critical 200 Billion, or a probiotic that is a minimum of 50 billion.
Try a Detox to clean, strengthen, and balance your body. A recommended detox can be purchased online at or
Sleep 7 to 8 hours per night consistently, your skin needs this to allow enough time for healing and transforming
Reduce stress – it is one of the main acne aggravators!
Get regular treatments – this is mandatory maintenance for your skin’s journey, just like a haircut you deserve it! In the beginning, you will come in more often to get your skin the way you want it.  By using the suggested products, it will reduce the number of visits you will need. Avoid using fabric softeners on fabrics that touch your skin a lot. Wash clothes and sheets with “free” detergents: Tide Free, Cheer Free
Stay on your individually designed program and get products refilled before running out – this is 96% of your success.  Touching acne areas introduces additional contaminents that cause more acne and aging. A general rule is; everytime you touch an acne area, your create 4 more acne/zits.
Stay in touch with Lou Lou about any changes in medications, and life changes that affect your skin.  Do not alter your program without consulting Lou Lou.
Use a sunscreen every day – 30+ SPF. Resist over exposure to the sun – it is just plain old bad for the skin. No tanning beds! 90% of skin aging comes from UV rays.
Hair Products:I recommend: Nioxin #1, Paul Mitchell Clarifying #2 and 3, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree- Lemon Sage, and shampoos that are clarifying, volumizing, or strengthening.  Avoid products like palmades, waxes, and products that boast about providing lots of hydration and sleeking for your hair – moisturizing hair products tend to spell bad news for your skin.
Be nice to your skin – Ice areas when acne shows up, this will reduce the swelling, inflamation, and increase the healing rate. Reffer to ice info if needed under  No picking, touching, scratching, or bugging!  These are some of the worst things youcan do to your skin. If you need to fidget with something visit this website: and get yourself a fidget toy.
Try using a great make up like Young Blood Mineral Make Up, or Neutrogena skin clearing line. Avoid Mary Kay, Avon, and Mac. Consult with Lou Lou on others.
Ask lots and lots of questions – we are always happy to discuss!


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