Aging of the Skin

Skin is the only external visible index of aging. Pollution, congestion and the accumulation of waste in the skin tissues can accelerate the aging process. Aging of the skin depends not only on the person’s age but also on her state of health. Occasionally a young person will have skin that is prematurely aged or an older person will have young, well-preserved skin. Aging of the skin is produced by three factors: cellular intoxification, dehydration of the cells and poor blood circulation.


Cellular Intoxification: Normal skin eliminates its cellular waste in a methodical way: if there is a slow down in tissue exchange or metabolism of the skin and oxygenation the cells become intoxified. Skin is a living organ that breathes and renews itself. Oxygenating the skin enables it to fight against pollution, prevent asphyxiation, congestion and the accumulation of waste, all of which can accelerate the aging process. Sothys Oxyliance Fluid: this skin therapy fluid boosts cellular activity and exchanges. A day and/or night fluid that quickly absorbs, it leaves a matte fresh finish and provides energy to the cells. The more available oxygen consumed by the cells, the better the improvement of cellular functions. Skin is also protected against environmental aggressors such as pollution and smoke. This wonderful fluid also helps tighten the pores so that they appear smaller and less noticeable. Excellent for congested, clogged skin types or skin lacking in radiance.

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Dehydration of the Cells : The skin is composed of approximately 80% water, and if it is properly irrigated it remains well-moisturized. Tissue aging is always accompanied by drying or dehydration. As the years go by, the skin is less and less able to withstand environmental influences, illness and so forth. Eventually it begins to degenerate, losing much of its water and being transformed into a more dense colloidal substance at every cellular level. When the skin loses its moisture, the deeper layers tend to dissipate while the upper layers which are only slightly hydrated under normal conditions become more dense. This is what produces keratinization. You can feel it: your skin is beautiful when it is perfectly hydrated. Whatever your skin type is, the maintenance of its hydration is an essential step! Sothys Hydroptimale is available in a concentrated formula as an ampoule or concentrate during your facial (listed under Spa Beauty Extras) and is also available as a product for home care. Hydroptimale treats the problem of skin dehydration, auto regulates the water flow, re-balances the water exchanges and deeply hydrates the skin while reinforcing the skin barrier. The most popular formula for home care is the Hydroptimale THI3 Light Crème this is an excellent treatment crème to strengthen the skin’s natural protection and to continuously diffuse hydrating actives for up to 8 hours.


Poor Blood Circulation: If blood circulation is poor, oxygen becomes less available for cell nourishment. A poorly vascularized organ is destined to age prematurely. In the skin, collagen and elastin fibers become frayed. The ability of the skin to regenerate is disabled. Cells accumulate at the outer layers since they are not eliminated regularly. These extra cells make the skin appear rough, coarse and dull. Sothys Desquacreme Deep Pore Cleanser is one of Sothys premiere formulations; chosen as winner in the Cleanser/Exfoliating category in Salon Plus Editors Choice Awards 2008! A granule-free emulsion, it is a recommended beauty treatment product for all regimes. Uses biotechnological extracts of wheat that penetrate into follicles, breaking down impurities and deposits and flushing them away to reveal a healthy glowing skin, from within.